PlexyDesk Now Ready for Windows App Store

Windows App store Build

We have great news for you today! Ever since Microsoft metro apps were announced, We wanted to have PlexyDesk running on it. Unfortunately that required lot of work, requiring us to convert file handling, networking and window management code which depend on Win32 libraries. So during early days of windows, it did not provide enough API access for functionality required by PlexyDesk, which made it almost impossible to get it running on Metro. After windows 10 Anniversary and New C++/Cxx improvements in Visual 2015, it finally gave us a path for porting PlexyDesk to Windows WinRT platform.

After two weeks of continuous development PlexyDesk UWP (Universal Binary) is now ready to be tested. Initially we wanted to convert the current installer msi into a appx package using Winodws Desktop Bridge tools, but due to the nature of API's we use on Windows it had no effect and doesn't result on application which can be published on Windows Store, So it was much easier for us use Qt/WinRT libraries to compile the UI stuff and Native Windows UWP libraries to substitute our network, file and Window Management functionalities, Anyways I have pushed the initial changes required to create windows appx packages for windows.

What does all these mean for you as a user ? - Well simply you can now run PlexyDesk on all the windows family of devices, not just Desktop PC's, all devices such as Windows Surface tablets, XBox, Windows Phones. Since we don't have any of these devices at the moment , Only Windows PC was tested with a amd64 bit build. In the coming weeks we will start creating builds for all the platform toolchains offered by Microsoft which would let us publish test binaries.