Plans for Microsoft Windows

2016 A Great Year - Laying the Foundation.

2016 was a busy year for us, What with windows 10 and the new features it introduced to replace the shortcomings of windows 8/8.1., especially returning back to the classic desktop experience, composited virtual desktops, similar to Gnome or OSX, and yes the Start Menu!!. The changes in Windows 10 is more than just the UX and UI changes, it also carried many Desktop API changes, and also made win32 apps a second class citizen for the first time in Microsoft history. We had to make many changes in our windows port to make things work and install smoothly on windows. just to name a few

  • Deprecate NSIS installer and switch to msi based binary distributions.
  • Add support for building with VS2015 and include Windows XP tool-chain.
  • Support running on multiple virtual Desktops.
  • Adjust the window flags to run on windows 10 so that PlexyDesk can take over the desktop background management
  • Various build fixes to make it compile and run on Windows 10 and Windows 8.
  • Various rendering optimizations for Windows.
  • Integrate code singing into the build script.
  • Fully automated continuous integration scripts.

All these features gave us a great start into creating an amazing desktop manager for Windows.

Security and Safety - Supporting Sandboxing.

Since PlexyDesk is extremely modular we want to make sure PlexyDesk and all it's plugins, including plugins which you might install from 3rd party sources, run on a secure sandboxed run-time environment. This also brings us closer to Microsoft's grand plan for 3rd party Apps, and Windows App Store Apps. Even though it's annoying from a programming point of view, we believe that it will give a sense of security for our Windows users.

Reaching App Store - Windows Desktop Bridge.

Eventually we want to see PlexyDesk reach the windows Store, but in our case it's not as easy as it sounds, since PlexyDesk is a WIN32 app, and even the plugins are designed for that. So our initial plan includes using the windows desktop bridge for windows 10 to make it run in a protected mode, where it can qualify for the windows App Store. 

Going Online - Microsoft Service Integration.

With many of Microsoft services hosting online, we plan to follow the trend and give access to interfacing with various Microsoft services, initially we plan to integrate OneDrive API to PlexyDesk:SocialKit. which would allow you to upload and share files and organize your desktop online with your Microsoft One Drive. After we complete this we will most likely focus on integrating Microsoft Exchange Server, which lets you sync stuff like Notes, Messages, Calendar, Contacts..etc.

Getting Involved - Develop and Donate.

If you like the direction we are headed, Please make sure to donate and help us reach our goals faster. If you are a developer and you have ideas and the time to contribute to PlexyDesk, We would love to hear from You! just ping us or drop us an email.

Thank you - Microsoft!

We would like to thank Microsoft, for issuing us a free Windows Developer License, which would help us with the efforts to bring PlexyDesk and PlexyDesk SDK for Windows App Store and Windows UWP Platform.