PlexyDesk Roadmap

Our Road Map to Enhance your Desktop.

Improve Your Productivity

Productivity Monitor

Productivity monitor to track cost, time and effort

Idle Time Detector

Identify how you lose time and balance your work

Task Oriented App Monitoring

Track and monitor application usage based on tasks.

Live Productivity Meter

Set Productivity goals easily and monitor your progress live with our productivity meter.

New UI Kit

Modern UI Components

Distraction free modern user interface components built on top of 2D Accelerated View, currently we use Qt for rendering, but our goal is to replace this with system native rendering API's, such as Quartz 2D, OpenGL, and DirectX.

Switchable Themes

Easily switch between UI Kit themes and customize the look and feel of your desktop.

Great Performance

UI components are written in C++ to ensure best possible memory usage and performance.

Seamless Integration

Platform Independent

Yet Deeply Integrated with the operating system underneath.

Not Replace, Extend

Seamlessly blends in with OS X, Gnome, KDE, and Windows Desktop Managers.

System Dashboard

Easily access core system services and monitor system hardware, such as battery or CPU usage.

We work really, really hard every day, to make PlexyDesk better and greater than before. When we are done, Awesomeness will be packaged and delivered to your desktop! join us and contribute towards your Desktop Freedom Today! 

Limitless Possibilities

Extend With Plugins

You can easily extend the look, feel and/or the behavior of PlexyDesk with Plugins.

Storage Kit API

PlexyDesk introduces StorageKit API for back-end neutral data storage. It can save data locally or remotely and keep everything in sync.

Social Kit API

Our all new SocialKit API lets you handle XML and JSON web responses and map them into C++ data structures.

Open and Secure

Freedom assured

Developed entirely with open source components and frameworks for optimal performance and security, with guaranteed interoperability.

Certified Plugins

PlexyDesk will only load certified plugins on supported platforms.

Supports SandBoxing

Fully compatible with Apple Sandboxing Model, and our OS X binaries are digitally signed with Apple Certification.