PlexyDesk Binary Build Guide

This guide will let you build PlexyDesk on Windows, Mac and Linux. Follow these steps to easily create your own binaries. If you need any help just contact us using our support form. To get started install the dependencies listed in the prepare section, and download the source code from our order, and follow the instructions to compile PlexyDesk. Also please note that you will need to obtain social API keys from social Key providers if you wish to build PlexyDesk social plugins.

Quick Start Guide

CMake 3.x and Above
Download the latest cmake if you don't have it already
Vistual studio 2013 Community Version or Above
Make sure it supports C++11 standards
XCode with Command line tools
Or GCC with C++11
GCC 4.7 and Above or LLVM/Clang
Same applies for FreeBSD
Qt Libraries 5.1 or Above
Download open source Qt

Getting PlexyDesk source files:

You can easily access plexydesk source code from Github Git repository

Download the zip or tar.gz file from your order
click the button below to download the code. my order page
Steps for Unix Environments (GNU/Linux, BSD)

mkdir release
cd release
sudo make install
Steps for Windows (Windows XP and Above)

call "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\VC\vcvarsall" amd64
mkdir release
cd release
sudo nmake install