PlexyDesk for (TIger, Leopard and Snow Leopard x86/PowerPC) Extended Support Release - $0.00 Only

PlexyDesk extended support release, is a special build version for older Apple computers running Mac OS X Tiger and above and supports both PowerPC and Intel i386/x86_64 architectures.

PlexyDesk 1.0.3-RSR (Beta) for Apple Mac OS X

You are paying $4.99 for a PlexyDesk Binary which supports Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 and Above


- v1.0.3

- codename - cherry

- arch - PPC, 32bit, 64bit

Product description

A Desktop Widget (Gadget) Manager,Desktop Productivity tools and Desktop customizer, for Windows, Apple Macintosh, and GNU/Linux Operating systems

Hardware Requirement specification

- 800 MHz or More of CPU

- 40MB of RAM or More

- 3D Graphics Card Not Required, But with OpenGL it works great.

Operating System Requirements

- Apple Mac OS X 10.4.0 Tiger or Higher

Component Credits

- Qt C++ Toolkit under LGPL 3

- LibSoup under LGPL

- jsoncpp under MIT or Public Domain

- tinyxml2 under ZLib License

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